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Investor Hub - for High Growth & High Risk Businesses Raising Capital. Specializing in Equity Investments and Block Chain ICOs.

iHub - Demystifying Raising Capital

The Investor Hub "iHub" mission is to demystify the "process" of how to raise capital through our end-to-end 4-Stage Capital Campaign Solution. 

The iHub Solution is a path to raising capital on your own terms and budget. We provide the path and execution resources, you decide whether to do-it-yourself, seek professional advice, or engage project management services. 

In the iHub we lay the path through our 4-Stage Capital Campaign process. You "Just Follow the Path" of best-in-class curated DIY Resources, with access to Experts OnDemand or Project Management Solutions when need.

The Start of Equity-Based Crowd Funding

High-Growth and High-Risk Business are Most Challenged in Securing Startup and Early-Stage Capital. The JOBS Act Changes That Game!

The Basics

Business Plan

    Executive Summary
    Pitch Deck
    Investor Slide Deck
Executive Summary
    Social Media Profiles

Pitch Deck

    Video Pitch Deck

4-Stage Capital Campaign

Follow the iHub End-to-End Solution

Stage 1 - Ready: Business Planning and Back Office Setup

This stage is all about getting you and your business opportunity READY to attract investor interest. A capital campaign is all about marketing, marketing, marketing with relevant, engaging and informative content.

Stage 2 - SetContent Library & Marketing Funnel Development 

A capital campaign is all about marketing, marketing, marketing. With relevant, engaging and informative content.

Stage 3 - Arm: Regulatory Documentation & Corporate Governance 

Now it's time to complete all regulatory required documents and begin to prime your funnel through pre-launch activities.

Stage 4 - GoCampaign Launch, Escrow, Closing and Transfer 

This is where all the prep work pays off - it's now time to LAUNCH! Turn on all marketing channels - for optimum results.

Engage, Educate, Convert

Reg CF - Crowd Funding

Under this new Securities Act (SEC) Provision, Crowd Funding (Reg CF), businesses raise a max of $1,070,000 annually. Raising capital through a Reg CF is best considered during and after a friend and family round yet before an angel investor round.
Goal: $1,070,000.00
Collected: $0.00

Reg D 506 - Private Placement

Revised provisions for private placement solicitations has opened the door to market the securities of your company to investors similar to the way you market your products and services as you're searching for clients. You are not limited on how much capital you can raise, but you must learn how to reach accredited vs non-accredited investors.

Raise $50,000 to $500,000 to $5,000,000 and beyond...

Regulation D 506(c) - a public offering for accredited investors

Regulation A+ - a qualified public offering for accredited and non-accredited investors

Regulation Crowd Funding - a non-qualified public offering for accredited and non-accredited Investors

Regulation S - allows US companies to raise capital from non-US persons

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